£16.98 instead of £22 (from Awan Maketing Ltd) for a pack of 36 Durex condoms – save 23%

36 Pack of Durex Condoms
Stay safe with a 36 pack of Durex condoms! They’re extra lubricated and slightly thicker. Easy to put on and take off. Transparent and dermatologically tested. With a 56mm width. For optimum comfort whilst getting busy!

Store Price: £ 

Offer Price: £ 16.98

Valid from: 2019/04/16 Valid to: 2019/06/16


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£16.49 instead of £32 (from Awan) for a Disney Frozen Oral B toothbrush – save 48%

Kids’ Oral B Disney Frozen Electric Toothbrush – Suitable for Ages 3+
Get a Disney Frozen electric toothbrush for your child! Designed with extra-soft bristles clean teeth as gently as a soft manual brush. Removes more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush. Use the brush with the Disney MagicTimer App by Oral-B to help kids brush longer. The rechargeable battery lasts up to five days so there’s no excuse for no brushing! Suitable for ages 3+.

Store Price: £ 32.00

Offer Price: £ 16.49

Valid from: 2019/04/15 Valid to: 2019/06/15


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£23.98 instead of £27.50 (from Beauty Magasin Ltd) for an Omron basic M2 blood pressure machine – save 13%

Omron Basic M2 Blood Pressure Machine
Get an Omron basic M2 blood pressure machine! Has a cuff length of 22-32cm. An easy one button operation. Requires 4 x AA batteries (included). Quickly and efficiently calculates blood pressure.

Store Price: £ 27.50

Offer Price: £ 23.98

Valid from: 2019/04/15 Valid to: 2019/06/15


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£39 instead of £90 for one session of colonic hydrotherapy at Vibrant Health Spa, Potters Bar – save 57%

One Session Of Colonic Hydrotherapy, Potters Bar
Get one session of colonic hydrotherapy. Help support your body’s natural elimination and detoxification process with detox specialists. Aims to improve digestive health and stop complaints of bloating, IBS, constipation and more. Use warm, purified water to cleanse your colon. Using the LIBBE colonic system – the world’s most advanced, private and comfortable system. Book an appointment at Vibrant Health Spa on Tuesday to Friday 10am-7pm or Saturday to Sunday 11am-5pm.

Store Price: £ 90.00

Offer Price: £ 39.00

Valid from: 2019/04/07 Valid to: 2019/10/07


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£29 instead of £120 for a ‘digestive health and food intolerance test’ from Allergy Test Me – save 76%

‘Digestive Health & Food Intolerance’ Test
Get in the know and take a ‘digestive health’ test from Allergy Test Me. Be more informed and aware of food choices for your health and wellbeing. Super helpful if you’ve been tackling acid reflux, bloating, stomach cramps, or any other digestive problems. Easy-to-understand analysis from trained specialists and sent straight to your inbox – just use the swab kit, post it back and receive results within 14 days! Ideal for anyone with worries and woes about their diet or digestive health. Could finally allow you to say ‘goodbye grumpy gut, hello yummy tummy’!

Store Price: £ 120.00

Offer Price: £ 29.00

Valid from: 2019/03/27 Valid to: 2019/06/27


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£39 instead of £76 for a 4D baby scan with four colour prints, a CD of all images and optional gender determination at The Baby Ultrasound Clinic – choose from four locations and save 49%

4D Baby Scan, 4 Prints & CD @ The Baby Ultrasound Clinic – 3 Venues
Get a glimpse of your future baby with a 4D baby scan. Up to the minute scan aims to show you your baby in detail including facial expressions like frowning and yawning – with four colour prints to take home! Plus a CD of all of your images and an optional gender determination. With the chance to bring up to four guests and share the experience with your loved ones. Choose from fantastic clinics in Bolton, Huddersfield, Chester and Macclesfield (see map below). Deal Bonus: Get a HD live experience added to your scan for just £10!

Store Price: £ 76.00

Offer Price: £ 39.00

Valid from: 2019/03/04 Valid to: 2019/06/04


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£179 instead of £450 for a non-surgical eyelid and eyebag blepharoplasty at Reeta Arora Beauty Lounge, Ealing – save 60%

Eyelid & Eyebag Blepharoplasty, Ealing
Get your hands on a non-surgical blepharoplasty. For your eyelids and eyebags! Quick and easy procedure that aims to kick start your skins healing process. Aims to make your skin appear tighter, more lifted and rejuvenated. Located in a chic salon in Ealing. Valid Tuesday & Thursday 10am-6pm and Saturday 10am-5pm.

Store Price: £ 450.00

Offer Price: £ 179.00

Valid from: 2019/03/30 Valid to: 2019/06/30


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£9 instead of £55 for an ultimate ‘stop smoking’ audio hypnosis package from Lifting Hypnosis – save 84%

‘Stop Smoking’ Hypnosis Audio Package & PDF
Battle your inner demons with a ‘stop smoking’ audio hypnotherapy package from Lifting Hypnosis. Programme is designed to tap into your subconscious and help prompt a change in the way you feel about smoking. Featuring four audio tracks designed to work together to help tackle your habits. Lasting around 30-minutes each! Plus a PDF guide to help keep you on track. Perfect for anyone in need of a little motivational boost to help to kick the habit once and for all!

Store Price: £ 55.00

Offer Price: £ 9.00

Valid from: 2019/04/02 Valid to: 2019/07/02


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£19 instead of £117 for a biological age DNA test and health management programme with three months of online access to Chronomics – save 84%

Biological Age DNA Test & Dynamic Health Management Programme
Test your biological age with an epigenetic DNA test from Chronomics. Cutting-edge test estimates your biological age, which is determined by many lifestyle factors such as your diet, exercise and sleeping habits (as featured in Forbes). With access for three months to an online platform where you can view your results and personalised health management programme. Use the data to change your bad habits and track your progress with repeated tests and updated results. Experts on hand 24/7 to help develop the perfect plan for a healthier new you! Receive an easy-to-use saliva testing kit in the post – provide a saliva sample in the tube and return via the prepaid envelope.

Store Price: £ 117.00

Offer Price: £ 19.00

Valid from: 2019/04/17 Valid to: 2019/07/17


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£79 instead of £270 for an essential Well Woman or Well Man full body medical assessment, or £119 for an advanced package with Pro Active Life – save up to 71%

Well Woman or Well Man Full Health MOT – Choice of 1500+ Clinics!
Get peace of mind with a choice of thorough full body health checks. Choose from a top to toe Well Woman or a Well Man check. The essential package is comprised of over 20 tests, checking such vitals as your body fat, muscle mass, blood pressure and muscle strength. The advanced package includes tests for lung function and additional 24/7 GP access to Bluecrest GP helpline for a year. See Full Details for full package details. See how your body is functioning for your age group and help predict any potential limitations or issues in later life. In a choice of over 1500 clinics across the UK and Ireland, including a pristine clinic on the renowned Harley Street and a brand new clinic in Finsbury Circus.

Store Price: £ 270.00

Offer Price: £ 79.00

Valid from: 2019/03/04 Valid to: 2019/09/04


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