£24.99 instead of £55 (from Diet Now) for a seven day meal replacement hamper, £49.99 for fourteen days or £99.99 for twenty-eight days – save up to 55%

Diet Now Meal Replacement Hampers – 7, 14 or 28 Days!
Get a Diet Now meal replacement hamper! Choose between seven, fourteen or twenty-eight day hampers. Including everything from delicious shakes and bars to meals and soups. Easily prepared in seconds! All meals are enriched with minerals and contain a balance of protein and fibre. Ideal for both men and women.

Store Price: £ 55.00

Offer Price: £ 24.99

Valid from: 2019/01/31 Valid to: 2019/06/26


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£54 instead of £99 (from Protein World) for a 28-day weight management plan – choose from three options and save 45%

28-Day Protein World ‘Weight Loss’ Slender Plan – 3 Options!
Get a 28-day Protein World weight management plan. Choose from three plans – Weight Loss, Yummy Mummy or Vegan. See full details for what’s included! You’ll get a PDF guide and a shaker. And a range of snacks, capsules, porridge mix and tea. Helps you get back on track and achieve your fitness goals!

Store Price: £ 99.00

Offer Price: £ 54.00

Valid from: 2019/01/04 Valid to: 2019/06/26


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From £69 instead of from £143.01 for a Diet Chef plan hamper including breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack each day with no subscription plus a measuring tape with BMI calculator – choose between 20 and 28 days while saving up to 52%

Diet Chef Low Calorie Health Hamper – 20 or 28-Day & BMI Calculator
Get calorie and portion controlled meals with a Diet Chef plan. Plus a measuring tape featuring a BMI calculator. Get a plan with the weekends off (20 days), or the full plan (28 days). Easy to heat and ready to eat in three minutes and delivered straight to your door! Choose from 100 delicious dishes, including coq au vin and lasagne. The plan includes your breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack each day – that’s 60 or 84 full meals!

Store Price: £ 143.01

Offer Price: £ 69.00

Valid from: 2017/12/25 Valid to: 2019/06/23


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£7.99 (from Prowise) for three month supply* of cherry max+ health and recovery capsules

3 Month Supply* Cherry Max+ Capsules
Get a three month supply* of Cherry max+ capsules! That’s 90 capsules! Packed with all the goodness of Montmorency cherry. Aims to support healthy uric acid levles. As well as keep your joints, muscles and hearts healthy! Take one a day with water!

Store Price: £ 

Offer Price: £ 7.99

Valid from: 2019/05/18 Valid to: 2019/07/18


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£59 instead of £790 for one Alma Laser tummy ‘tightening’ session including a consultation, or £109 for two sessions from PCK Skin – choose from three locations and save up to 93%

Alma Laser Tummy ‘Tightening’ Session – 3 Locations!
Get one session of Alma laser tummy ‘tightening’ with a consultation included. A contouring procedure using cutting-edge Alma Laser technology designed to trim fat. Aims to break down fat molecules and then provide a tightening effect. Upgrade to get two sessions – perfect to give your body confidence a lift! Suitable for men or women, on areas including the stomach, love handles and bingo wings. Clinics based in Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds (see map below).

Store Price: £ 790.00

Offer Price: £ 59.00

Valid from: 2019/05/15 Valid to: 2019/11/15


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£69 instead of £597 for three 30-minute ultrasonic lipo cavitation treatments from Prime Health UK, Leeds – save 88%

3 Sessions of Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation @ Prime Health UK
Feel fab and get three sessions of ultrasonic lipo cavitation. Each gentle treatment takes just 30 minutes and aims to target excess fat cells. Ideal to help you feel back to your best, whether you have an upcoming holiday, special occasion or just need a little boost. At Prime Health UK, a trusted clinic that pride themselves on a focus of client wellbeing through a personal approach. Valid Monday-Saturday (see times below). Based in Street Lane, Leeds.

Store Price: £ 597.00

Offer Price: £ 69.00

Valid from: 2019/05/16 Valid to: 2019/08/16


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£4.99 instead of £23.01 (from Spire Tech) for one 60g pack of turmeric latte mix, £8.99 for two packs, £12.99 for three packs, or £14.99 for four packs – save up to 85%

60g Golden Turmeric Latte with Ginger – 1, 2, 3 or 4!
Get one, two, three or four 60g packs of turmeric latte – 30 servings per pack! A delicious and healthy alternative to tea and coffee. Simply stir one teaspoon of mixture into 250ml of milk or milk alternative. Stir over a medium heat for four/five minutes. Or enjoy chilled on a hot summer day! Sweeten with coconut oil or another sugar alternative if you wish.

Store Price: £ 23.01

Offer Price: £ 4.99

Valid from: 2019/05/13 Valid to: 2019/07/13


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£6.99 instead of £14.80 (from NHL) for a 3mnth* supply of Centrum multivitamin Advance tablets – save 53%

3mnth* Supply of Centrum Advance Multivitamin Tablets
Get a 3mnth* supply of Centrum advance tablets! With Vitamin C to encourage normal function of immune system. Vitamin B12 and B6 to help unlock energy from your diet. Plus Biotin, Chromium and Zinc for metabolism support. Store in dry place below 25°C.

Store Price: £ 14.80

Offer Price: £ 6.99

Valid from: 2019/05/13 Valid to: 2019/07/14


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£12 instead of £24.36 (from Pharmacy First) for a thrush test and treat kit – save 51%

Thrush Test & Treat Kit – Canestest, Fluconazole & Clotrimazole
Get all you need to help treat thrush with this triple pack. Contains one Canestest for vaginal infection, one Fluconazole capsule and 20g of Clotrimazole cream. The capsule aims to relieve soreness, redness and itching. While the cream is suitable for thrush, athlete’s foot, ringworm, rash and more. An easy way to help relieve irritation!

Store Price: £ 24.36

Offer Price: £ 12.00

Valid from: 2019/04/27 Valid to: 2019/05/27


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£9.99 instead of £53.98 (from Prowise) for a one month supply* of raspberry ketones and Garcinia Cambogia capsules – save 81%

1mth Supply* Ketones & Garcinia Cambogia Capsules
Get a 60-capsule pack of Garcinia Cambogia Absolute+ 500mg capsules. Plus, a 60-capsule pack of Raspberry Ketones Super Strength 600mg capsules. That’s a one-month supply* of each! Assists with appetite control and weight management. Manufactured in the UK to GMP code of practice. Suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

Store Price: £ 53.98

Offer Price: £ 9.99

Valid from: 2019/05/05 Valid to: 2019/07/05


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